iDocsWeb has been an asset to our facility operations. Implementation of this program has allowed us to improve our continuum of care and decrease our re-hospitalization rate. Our clients are more comfortable knowing access to a physician is available anytime around the clock.


Tim Peimann,

Administrator, Mckinney Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center

Since the introduction of iDocsWeb systems to our community, it has been an exceptional benefit to us. Not only has it helped us in preventing potential bounce backs to the hospitals, the iDocsWeb systems has also helped in giving our nurses the needed confidence to perform clinical assessment on complex residents’ change in conditions – confidence gained by observing the physicians during several iDocWeb sessions.


Chudy Uchegbu,

Administrator, Millbrook Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center

iDocsWeb Telemedicine platform equips our physicians, clinicians and administrators with a progressive and thoughtful approach to managing and ensuring the Quality of Life of our residents. As an Operator I feel I have provided my team with an extraordinary tool to take on unnecessary hospitalization, maximize internal expert resources and achieve stakeholder satisfaction. iDocsWeb offers a solution to our strategic plan to advance our Quality goals and achieve Operational efficiencies at the same time.


Meera Riner,

Chief Operating Officer, Nexion Health Management