Telemedicine for skilled nursing facilities

It's no secret that skilled nursing facilities administrators are facing a real dilemma with the ever increasing challenge of providing quality care to patients with the resources available. Doctors are forced to blindly assist nurses relying solely on verbal input instead of the visuals that are often needed. This results in countless unnecessary re-admissions further diminishing census and reducing revenues.

iDocsWeb for Skilled Nursing Facilities uses telemedicine to address many of the problems skilled nursing facilities face on a daily basis.


Reduce re-admission rates (and protect your census)

Timely and preventive care provided via telemedicine will significantly reduce re-admission rates, in some cases up to 50%. This helps your facility to protect census and increase revenues.

Access your own doctors and nurse practitioners

Using our telemedicine platform you can access your own doctors and nurse practitioners during regular office hours leading to improved clinical outcomes.

Access our doctors through Afterhours MD Coverage

Studies show majority of re-admissions take place after hours. To address this, we provide Afterhours MD Care through our board certified doctors, in coordination with your doctors.

Access our board-certified specialists*

iDocsWeb provides access to board certified specialists via telemedicine. The specialties include wound care, psychiatry, neurology, infectious diseases and many others.

Enhance patient and family satisfaction

Real-time access to doctors and specialists leads to superior clinical outcomes. This enhances your facility’s reputation and improves patient and family satisfaction.

Industry leading low cost solution

iDocsWeb offers industry leading low cost solution via a robust platform. Options include either a low start-up cost or a zero start-up cost.

How it works?


Resident’s condition changes requiring a doctor’s visit while doctor is not on the premises.


Nurse rolls the telecart into resident’s room.


Nurse measures patients vitals and initiates a telemedicine call.


Doctor joins telemedicine session and interacts with resident and nurse and gives orders.


Doctor writes notes and bills for the telemedicine encounter*

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